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Fresh Oil Ministries

I have been working with Iain Gunn to help get his website running for http://freshoilmin.org.  This site is created in Joomla and I had never used Joomla before so there was a bit of a learning curve.

We ended up having to uninstall Joomla and start from scratch to get the website functioning again because there was a piece of code that was causing the site to not display using IE.

Once the Joomla was re-installed on the server and we re-uploaded the template the first order of buisness was to get the fantastic logo that was designed by Stephanie Mason, owner of Cloud9Design.net.

Fresh Oil Ministries

Iain had purchased me a fantastic sandwich while we worked on the website.  After some engaging conversation Iain went home to create content.

Next time we meet we will be installing some plug-ins and tweaking the way the site looks.