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Richard Pryor Jr in Saginaw

If you read my previous posts this past weekend was crazy.  We had one more event for the weekend and we almost canceled it.  Richard Pryor Jr was performing at the Hancock Theatre in Old Town Saginaw.  We had said we were going to go but hadn’t been able to all weekend.  Sunday night was the only night we had free and we both though that we should really spend the night relaxing.  A last minute phone call as I was driving back to Saginaw from South lyon determined that we were going to go to the show.

Richard Pryor Jr

After the show we were glad we did.  We expected comedy from Richard Pryor Jr but got music instead.  And good music it was.  Richard can sing!  I was trying to remember who the local guitar player was that backed him up for the first set . . . and can’t remember.  The combination was magic.  Fantastic blues/jazz guitar was a great complement to Richard’s smooth voice.  When it was over we still got home in time to watch Desparate Housewives and get a good night sleep.