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2009 Elegant Bridal Show

As part of my crazy weekend last weekend, I also attended the Elegant Bridal Show at the Birch Run Expo Center.  Being a wedding photographer for Image Artz out of Saginaw, MI it was my day to attend a bridal expo.  This was a large expo and seemed very well organized.  The Image Artz photography booth was right next to Studio 57 out of Clio.  This must have been one of the busiest booths of the show.  They were doing hair and makeup and had a person giving shoulder massages.  I am sure that the massage person was sore the next day!

Birch Run Expo Wedding Show

There was a fashion show and lots of give-aways.  I’m sure that the brides-to-be walked away with lots of great information and ideas.  Next time I hope that the event coordinator contacts my wife (now ex-wife) becuase they could have used some better models.

This must have been my weekend for Clio.  Saturday I had been at Crystal Gardens in Clio shooting a wedding and Sunday the Image Artz booth is located next to a salon from Clio.  While walking around at the bridal show I ran into the owner of Crystal Gardens and said hi because we had seen each other just a few hours before!