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Labadie Banner Ads

I work on the websites for Labadie Auto Company in Bay City Michigan.  A few of the domains that I administer are; www.labadieauto.com, www.great-gm-deals.com, www.labadietoyota.com, www.labadiescion.com, and www.labadierentacar.com.  There are others but these are the main domains.

The Labadie’s signed up to be part of a new email campaign and they needed some banner ads.  I haven’t done banner ads for Labadie in a few years so I had to start from scratch.  I remembered reading an article on a marketing blog recently about a great way to find what works.  I can’t remember the blog or I would promote it here.  I logged into Commission Junction and started researching which banner ads were creating the highest EPC (earnings per click) for a 3 month period.  After finding a few that were more specific to the automotive industry I took a few of the ideas that I saw and created the following banners.

Labadie Bay City

New and Used Car Sales Saginaw

It will be intersting to see the statistics on these banner ads.

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