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Editing a Pageant Headshot

Every pageant contestant would love the perfect headshot.  This can be tricky.  You can get the right make-up artist, pay a fortune for a great photographer and still end up with a picture that doesn’t look like you or is to touched up.  For most pageants the picture needs to look like the contestant.  If your picture is to touched up or has to much smoothing applied you can loose points.  There is a fine line between beauty and  . . . well . . . you!

This picture is an example of an attractive model that has bad skin.
model portrait untouched

I can critiquethis picture - because I took it (a few years ag0).  The coloring is off, the eyes aren’t in the best focus and the skin is not a good texture.  This would be a very easy picture for someone to over-glamorize.  With to much touch-up the picture would look plastic and perhaps not look like the model.

Following is a basic touch-up that I applied to make sure that the image still looks like the model but without looking to touched up. 
model portrait touched-up

If you compare the two images there is a substantial amount of differences but they are subtle enough that it doesn’t look airbrushed and still looks like the same image – only better.

Now the last step in the process is to fix the color a little bit more.
model portrait touched-up final

Again I took this picture and I’m not really happy with it.  But I just saved a mediocre image and turned it into a picture that can be used as a head shot or in a portfolio.

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