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Professional Business Portrait

There are just some articles that you come across on the Internet that are so good you have to share them.  I was reading one of thoes articles today.  The article is posting on  I am going to put some excerpts here.

If a newspaper or magazine reporter called you today for an interview, would you have a good-quality photo that you offer?

Most people don’t.

I surf the Internet at least once a week, looking for articles for The Publicity Hound, my subscription newsletter on how to generate free publicity. When I find an article my readers would like, I email the writer and ask for a photo. More times than not, I’m disappointed. Three out of four people have poor-quality photos or none at all.

You need a good-quality above-the-shoulders photo for publishers like me who want to use it online or offline and give you lots of free publicity.

If don’t have one, stop being a media mutt and start acting like a true Publicity Hound. Here are tips on how to get an inexpensive, good-quality photo.

In addition to the head shot, you might also consider a storytelling photo that shows you with “props” related to your event. A toy train collector who will be featured at a train show, for example, might be photographed behind her model train display. Weekly newspapers that don’t have photo staffs would welcome these types of photos.

 Diva Night 1

Don’t rely on an amateur photographer

If your cousin has a new digital camera, or a cell phone with a camera, and offers to take your photo to save you money, use a professional instead. Trust me, the expense will be well worth it.

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