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New Christian Website

Website Design SaginawI had the pleasure of meeting with Pastor Chris of Saginaw.  He gave me information about The Church of Saginaw, which is not a church but rather a fellowship of churches in Saginaw towards a common goal.  The mission is to synergize the churches of Saginaw to do as one what we can’t do as many, to advance the Kingdom of God.  This is a fantastic idea and they currently have 12 churches of Saginaw that comprise the fellowship.

After meeting with Pastor Chris he was excited to get started on a website for the fellowship.  I was able to throw together a sample using the limited information that I had in a few hours.  You can view the sample site at http://thechurchofsaginaw.com

I’m looking forward to working with this fellowship and perhaps some of the participating churches to develop more christian websites.