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Sullivan’s Restaurant

sullivans restaurant saginaw

Sullivan’s Restaurant
5235 Gratiot Road
Saginaw, MI 48638

sullivans restaurant saginaw map

Sullivan’s on Gratiot recently got a new owner and the food is fantastic.  The new owner used to have the Willow Tree in West Branch.  When he owned the Willow Tree it was a 5 star restaurant.  If you haven’t eaten at Sullivan’s in a while you may want to check it out again.


  1. We also find the restaurant’s new menu and food outstanding since the new owners have taken over. My wife and I always stopped at the Willow Tree in West Branch when we went north.

  2. Under new ownership. Might as well change the name of the restaurant too. It really used to be a great family place to go. The fish and chips were a classic, not anymore. Don’t waste your time or money. Looks like most of the previous waitresses jumped ship too. It a real shame!

  3. I saw very few changes at Sullivan’s. Certainly nothing that brought the Willow Tree to mind. The rooms are old and too dark. I’ve lived in Saginaw my whole life and gone to Sullivan’s but not so much anymore. Sorry, but my hopes were not answered with the new owners.

  4. I love the food and the exceptional service that Sullivans provide. I feel at home every time I visit. The portions are very generous & I usually have to take some home! ( which is just fine by me!!) Hats off to the new owners! Keep up the good work!!

  5. I like the food and and the waitresses are friendly, what more can I say. I’ll go to Sullivans any day 🙂

  6. We hosted a Bridal Shower here on Sept 24th 2011….. Everything was EXCELLENT!! The Waitresses were
    Great & Fred went out of his way to make sure that ALL went well!! I can’t say enough about the Great selection
    on food, including their wonderful Fish & Chips…… and the Salad Bar selection was also GREAT!!! KUDOS, to
    you and your staff for keeping up the GREAT SULLIVAN’S TRADITION, and also adding your own touch to the
    mix!!! And the White Wine was also a fine selection!!! And a resonable price for our party!!! I will surely
    look forward to stopping in again, when I am in town!! Thank You, for a wonderful and memorable day!!!

  7. Really? I don’t know which Sullivans Jan and Jean went to, but it wasn’t the same one I did. I lived in Saginaw until early 1999 and I had never eaten at Sullivans until last year (2011). My family came down from Traverse City to visit my mother, and that’s where we ended up going to eat. My family, and I was EXTREMELY satisfied. The owner or manager made us feel like we were part of his family and he was treating us to dinner at his house, not his source of income. The food was delicious and the portions were very generous. We’ve recently eaten there again with my sister-in-law (from Kalkaska) and her children, the service and food was the same, and I heard no complaints from them. Most restaurants don’t seem to care about children, Sullivans goes above and beyond taking care of them, it’s almost like they think the children are paying the bill, very family friendly. I would highly recommend Sullivans to anybody out and about in Saginaw, or those just passing through on M46.

  8. I go to Sullivan’s enough,, not being from here,, but from NYC,, where we have the best restaurants in
    the world,, and Sully’s compares very favorably,, to some of my favorite eateries back east,,, the salad bar is great, and the new menu,, is interesting and contemporary,, I have found the new owners to be friendly, and gracious.. and treated myself and guests like family,,, the food was tasty, hot and the drinks , outstanding!

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