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3 Months of Business Listings

It’s been three months since my son and I embarked on a project to get a website up and running.  Now that March is over and we both put in a very dedicated month I wanted to compare the Google Analytics.  When the site started my goal was to ad a business a day.  That goal wasn’t achieved until the middle of February.  In the middle of March we started posting 2 businesses a day and have seen the number skyrocket.  We now have over 100 businesses listed and I look forward to seeing 300 by the end of April!

Now for the stats:

SBL-201103-statsFebruary showed 155 visits with 558 page views.
March showed 435 visits with 967 page views.  That’s a 180% increase in visits for one month!

If we can get another month of 180% increase April should have 783 visits.  Not to bad for 4 months work.  I think we should actually see a higher increase because we will be going from 100 businesses listed to 300.  Therefore I predict that your visits will be over 1,000.

So how many visits do we need to make some money?  My son is working for a cell phone.  The phone is $100 and the plan is $26.50 per month.  Because he gets 1/2 of the profit of the website we need to generate $250 in profit.  I think we are a few months off from that – unless we can get a sponsor or nice local ad contract.

Check out the site at:  http://saginawbusinesslistings.com