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Google+ Brand Pages

It’s been talked about for a while and now it’s been live for about 48 hours.  Is it the hot new thing in Social Media?  Will it make your SEO efforts skyrocket?  Does the world really need it?  A Google+ Brand Page

I have to say that I really like Google+ and having setup a brand page 24 hours ago I really like the pages.  They are clean and easy to use and understand.

How much this will have an effect on Google search results will be seen.  I really hope that Google keeps the interface clean and the experience nice.

Of course all the people that seem to be on Google+ right now are techies and early web adaptors.  I hope that more people start using this fantastic platform.

Recently I came across this article from a Charlotte web development company – http://www.theideapeople.com/our-blog/internet-marketing-charlotte/google-accounts-businesses-09112011/ – and although I don’t know anything about this company if you live in or around Charlotte you may want to check them out.  They seem to be up on the online marketing trends.

Within the past two days a lot of photographers have shown up on Google+ but how about models?  I’m having a hard time finding them.  Are you a model and want to Google+ page?  If you are in the Charlotte area contact The Idea People, if you are in the Great Lakes Bay Region of Michigan contact me!