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Advice For Website Success

Anyone who runs or works on a website is always looking for new ways and new techniques to get more traffic.  I have found it interesting that you can turn an average person into a statistics junkie just but giving them a website and setting up Google analytics.

Because most of the information is the same and never changes it’s always great to come across a new voice that puts things into a short, understandable and usable format.  I mean really do we need a 3,000 word dissertation stating that good content and quality links help with SEO and site traffic?  Pfffft

This is why I like the site put together by Eugen Oprea.  The site is easy to navigate.  The stories are short and have useful information.  In fact with all my studies his recent post that Google+ is one of the few sites that has “dofollow” links was new news to me!

But don’t just take my word for it.  Check out his site today.  You won’t be disappointed!

Eugen Oprea

Eugen Opera and I both use SEOMoz – check it out at http://mz.cm/t6wjyw

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