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Make Money or Get Customers Online

As a blogger I’m always looking for new and easy ways to make some money from my blog.  As an Internet Marketing Director I’m looking for new and easy ways to promote the products the B2C business I work for sells.  This week I can across another site that offers solutions for both side of the business.  It appears to be easy to sign up for and execute.  This is is

Online Advertising Money

After signing up for a FREE account I haven’t had much time to play with it yet but it looks promising for both sides of my business.  One of the great features that I see for the B2C business is the ability to advertise on specific pages.  The post can be about the single page ads product. The cool thing about it is that users can advertise on specific pages that relate to their advertisement in real time and profit from the social media traffic new pages create when they go viral on social networks.  For example, I would like to promote an accessory for a Scion xB and a custom car blog posts a review about the new 2012 Scion xB. I will get notified via email the very second the post is online, and before it goes viral I can write an ad that targets specifically the readers of this blog post.  This ad would most likely out perform google adsense ads in terms of ROI because it is much more targeted and I’m paying a lower fee.

As a marketing person I don’t want to use the shotgun method – just shooting and seeing what sticks.  I want to get my message to the exact market where the audience has a higher percentage of purchasing my product.  This type of “sniper” advertising allows me to get a greater ROI with less money spent.  I love the concept and look forward to seeing how this site works in real time.

As a blogger I love the concept that this network will allow more people to see my pages.  And if I’m the blogger that wrote that awesome Scion xB post a vendor will be notified and I can make some $$$.  Perhaps then I can pay my hosting bill!

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