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Espresso Made Easy

I love coffee.  I spend a lot of money at Starbucks and other local coffee shops.  My daughter wanted a Keurig for her dorm room and after buying her one for her birthday I was considering it myself.  The reason I like the Keurig is that it is simple and clean.  Put the cup in the holder push a button and voilà coffee.  However, I really prefer espresso.  But I don’t want the hassle of grinding the beans, packing the cup and then emptying and cleaning the cup.  This is the reason I go to coffee houses . . . basically I’m lazy.

ESE Coffee Pods Online

So I was excited when I came across a website offering ESE Coffee Pods.  What the heck is that you may ask.  Well it’s Easy Serving Espresso coffee pods.  These espresso coffee pods fit most espresso machines and is . . . well . . . a  pod.  So where the Keurig has a cup that you put in their machine these ESE Coffee Pods are pre-packed, self contained espresso pods that you put in the cup of the machine and push the button.  No fuss and no mess.  After looking at the site I had a slap your head moment.  So brilliant why didn’t I think of it.

Not only will the ESE Coffee Pods make the espresso making process fast, clean and easy but they have great names for the coffee pods.  Here are some of the names with description:

  • Mixed up – A mixture of all our best bits. Choose this if you can’t make your mind up!
  • Bounce – Seductively understated 100% Arabica Espresso: Choose this because, in an uncertain world, you demand the quality reassurance of 100% Arabica
  • Boost – The best espresso on the net! Intense, Authentic, full Espresso for the connoisseur
  • Buzz – Espresso Addict ‘caffeine candy’.  Choose this because you want the verve of Naples and the vivacity of Milan

If I already had an espresso machine this would be a no brainer – I would order a big box of Buzz!  But now I have a decision to make.  Do I get the Keurig or an espresso machine and ESE Coffee Pods?

Honestly I think I’ll get both.  The Keurig for my office at work and the espresso machine and coffee pods for the house.

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