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Car Buffs Must Visit Website

Do you love cars?  Most people do.  If you love cars and want to take a walk (well click) down memory lane then you’ll want to visit the Unique Cars and Parts website.  But you may be thinking, “I don’t need car parts.”  Believe me you don’t need car parts or be looking for a car to kill hours on this fantastic site.  Under “Car Reviews” they seem to have every car listed from every manufacturer in the world.  I looked up the review and history of the car I drove in college a Fiat 124 Spider.  I found out more information than I knew when I owned the car including the fact that only 198,000 were built over the 19 years of production.

Unique Cars Parts History Video

Well if that’s not enough how about a fantastic collection of old car advertisements?  That’s right – there is an entire section of this website with video of old ads.  Love it!

Believe me you can spend hours on this site without even knowing that there is a huge section of classified ads for classic cars and parts.  So car enthusiasts check out this site and be sure to bookmark it because you will be visiting it over and over again.

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