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Free Sudoku Online

Free Online SudokuI never really got into the sudoku craze a few years back but I know a few people who did.  I have to admit that these puzzles are fun and can be extremely challenging.  But what if you want to play sudoku and don’t have access to a book or money to get one?  A great option is to visit sudoku online and play online or print one out from there.  This easy to use site lets you choose the level of puzzle and shows you the solution if you can’t figure it out or as a help if you are a beginner.  Are you new to sudoku?  You can also watch some videos on how to solve a Sudoku game.  I found this helpful as I haven’t done very many puzzles.

So check this site out and you will probably find yourself returning over and over again.

(this photo is not by me it is by vialbost)

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