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Why I love my Scion xB

2011 Scion xB Michigan

In the spring when I was shopping for a new car there were a few things that I wanted – enough room for my photography equipment, comfortable seating for four adults, affordable price, decent gas mileage and leather seats.  The Scion xB has every feature except the leather seats.  But those can be ordered cheaply enough.

My daughters car blew up and she needed a semi-reliable car for getting back and forth to college.  The Scion xB seems more like a college kids cars that a college age kids dads car.  Many of the features that I have found I enjoy the most are probably the same ones that a college kids would like.  Who would have thought that my favorite feature is the USB port.  The port will charge my cell phone but the best feature is that it plays MP3’s.  Of course I had to invest in a few thumb drives.  Now I have one for my music and one for my podcasts.  I never use the radio and only put in a CD (MP3 CD by the way) when I have listened to all of the podcasts on my thumb drive.

The other feature that my friends can’t believe is the amount of seating space there is – front and rear.  I have fit 5 adults comfortably and everyone who gets into the back seat is amazed at the leg room.  The car is a lot bigger on the inside than it looks from the outside.  One of my big concerns was being able to carry my photography equipment.  With the rear seat being able to fold down flat I have never had an issue with room.  I can easily fit flashes, stands, softboxes (yes multiple) and a large beauty dish with room to spare.

The only thing that I miss from having driven higher end cars of the years is the automatic climate control and automatic lights.  The lights were an issue for the first few weeks because I haven’t had a car that I had to manually turn on the lights for many many years.  For the first few weeks I had people giving my friendly reminders by flashing their lights at me.  Now that I’ve gotten into the habit it’s not that big of a deal.

The next issue is getting leather on the seats.  I found a company in China that makes leather seat covers with memory foam backing and I’m saving to get some.  I had considered the local custom shop until I saw the price tag.  Over $1,000 for the custom leather and around $375 for the seat covers from China.

Do you live in Michigan and would like to check out a Scion?  Stop into Labadie Scion in Bay City.  You’ll be surprised at how much car you can get for under $20,000.