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Small Businesses Leaving Google Adwords?

Google Adwords Saginaw ExpertThere has been a bit of a buzz on the blogs that I read about a recent New York Times article that implies that small businesses are abandoning Google Adwords because of a higher cost per click (CPC).  Greg Sterling reports on Search Engine Land that the SMB owner who is used as the athority for the article, “runs a marketing company called 98togo that makes money by helping marketers get SEO and social media traffic. In other words, Mr. Telford has an interest in convincing business owners to shift their budgets from paid-search to other channels.”

I have not found that SMB’s are abandoning Google Adwords.  In fact I have found that more and more are trying to use it.  The problem is that Adwords is a bit complicated and most SMB owners as well as small town marketing companies don’t know how to use Adwords.  I’m finding that the CPC is going up because there are more players in the field, not less.

In the past few months Google has pushed a lot of changes to the interface for Adwords.  There are some new features that help you pinpoint your audience.  Some of these changes will not lower the CPC but should make the ads more effective and conversion rates higher.  After all as a business owner I will spend a dollar to make 2 or 3 all day long.

Working for a small group of dealerships in mid-Michigan I still find that Google Adwords is one of the least expensive advertising sources we use.  If I wrote the story I would be telling people that even though the CPC may have gone up you can still get a TON of business compared to television or radio.  Television and radio prices have skyrocketed and I don’t know anyone who listens to the radio and most people I know watch most of their video through Netflix and online.  So NYT should be promoting the death of television and radio advertising not Adwords.

If you are a SMB located in mid-Michigan and would like some consulting on Adwords send me a note and I’ll see what I can do to help you out.