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Scion xD and Consumer Reports

Scion xD Banner for Labadie

Yesterday I created a new banner for a Scion xD and put it into the image rotation on the homepage at  This morning I get to work and the internet is all a buzz about the Scion xD.  Am I pure genius or was this a coincidence?

Even though I may be a genius, this was per coincidence.  The morning news was reporting the announcement by Consumer Reports yesterday about their rankings of the most reliable cars.  The #1 brand in this years report was Scion and the most reliable small hatchback was the Scion xD.  This is really impressive for a brand that most people haven’t even heard of and typically can’t pronounce properly – “sci” (like sci-fi) and “on” .

I think that a lot more people will be interested in this small brand that is making big news.

Note:  the payment shown in the banner is good until 1/7/13.  If you live in the Great Lakes Bay Region be sure to check one out at Labadie Scion.