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Google Takes Over Pinterest?


What made Pinterest so popular?  Probably that is it easy.  So what if Google took the easiness of pinterest and combined it with the ability to shop, share with others and, more importantly, share payment with others?  Win for consumers and win for Google.  Well they did it.  Not only that but the new features are just in time for Christmas.

I haven’t fully played with the features yet.  In fact it appears that the service was just launched earlier today.  But so far it looks cool.  Plus I don’t have to find the object in Google Shopping – I can copy and paste any URL (just like Pinterest) make my notes and save it.  The shortlist can be private (that is the default), public or can be shared with friends.

First I heard of it was in an email from Web Pro News.  I watched the short video and went to Google Shopping.  But I couldn’t find the shortlist.  In the video (by Google) it appears that they clicked the gear.  But no gear was to be found on the page.  I then clicked the little arrow to the right of my Google profile picture to see if something was there.  Nope not there either.  I was about to give up and go back to work.  Then I scrolled down a little and saw the “shortlists on Google Shopping” image.


Silly me.  How could I miss that?  Oh perhaps I was looking for “Shortlists” and what my eyes saw scanning the page was “Save Products”.  I clicked on the link and tried to save a product that doesn’t exist on Google Shopping (a 2012 Scion xB).  It picked up the image very easily and asked me to add a price and description.

As a retailer I wonder if this link is now or will be searchable in Google Shopping?  I’m going to have to try a search when I get home from work and am logged into Google as a different user and find out.

My first experience is positive.  But has Pinterest become such a platform now that no one will use Google Shopping Shortlists?  Will this be another Google+ where it’s dominated by the tech elite and special interest users but not the general population?  Time will tell.  But first Google needs to get the word out about this new feature.