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Facebook Content Ideas

Ok so everybody and their mother is on Facebook.  And it is said that the key to Facebook marketing success can be summed up in three words: content, content, content.  But what kind of content?  Most of the Facebook pages that I monitor for my day job are doing well.  Once page is not.  I’m not sure why.  I put out content and  . . . . nothing.  We run a contest and . . . . nothing.  We can’t even run a coupon because we haven’t gotten to 400 likes yet.  In fact I can’t promote a post because we haven’t gotten to 400 posts yet.  For some reason everything we have tried for this business page is not working.  Yet we keep creating content and watching nothing happen.

Since the “likes” for the page are so low I figured that it doesn’t really matter if I test a few images and piss people off.  So today I created and scheduled a series of images with information about the Buick Verano.  I’ve found on my other websites that people love pictures of cars, so lets see if this can get any more Facebook activity.

2012 Buick Verano Bay City MI   Buick Dealer Saginaw MI

These graphics use original pictures that I took.  The one on the right really doesn’t help show location but the location of the image on the left should be recognized by any Saginaw, Midland or Bay City resident that has been to any summer festival in Bay City MI.