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What the @#$!! is Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager

I got an email today about Google Tag Manager.  I had never heard of it but a quick glance at the email proved that this may be helpful with some temple websites I administer that don’t give me much flexibility.  The email specifically mentioned AdWords Remarketing flexibility.  This is something that I needed.

Like any other code I didn’t want to put it on my major volume sites until it was tested.   So I signed up and installed the Tag Manager code on my test site.  The code was easy to install and Google help walked me through the process of setting up the Analytics tag.  Because my test site doesn’t track AdWords or have any remarketing I was stumped for what to test next.  I did a few searches and couldn’t find anyone giving code suggestions.  My searching also revealed to me that the Google Tag Manager was launched on October 1st.   So this thing is a little over a month old but I’m not seeing any bloggers giving code tips.  Again what do I do with this thing?

I decided that if the purpose is to clean up the code that is generally in the head of a page I would look at my page head and see if there was any code I could try to move over.  I found one – the Google+ authorship code.  Surely with Google’s push on the + stuff there would be a post somewhere showing how to integrate this code.  I do have the advantage of my test site only having one author, me, so it makes the code a little easier.  I copied and pasted the code into a html tag in the manager, deleted the code from the test site and hit publish.  When viewing the code on the page I couldn’t see anything.  My assumption is that the tag manager doesn’t actively deliver code to the page.  So to determine if this worked I went to the Structured Data Testing Tool.  Sure enough my author code was there and showing on my site.

This showed me that the test was a success.  I then contacted one of the templated website providers that I manage and asked them to implement the code on the page.  My next test will be each piece of the code starting with remarketing, testing some site verification codes and geotagging.