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More Specials and More Landing Pages

Trade-In Bonus Cash pic
The beginning of every month for me includes updating rebates and incentives for the auto dealerships websites that I maintain and market.  Every once and a while they throw a loop into the monthly incentives.  GM did so this month.

Most of the time a rebate can just be added to the inventory specials and deducted from the price.  (I have inventory setup so the price is showing each rebate separately with a total at the bottom.)  But this month GM threw in a curve ball.  They added a trade-in bonus cash incentive.  In order to get the $1,000-$1,500 bonus cash you must have and be trading in a 1999 or newer car or light truck (light truck is a 1500 or smaller).  So the dilemma was whether or not to show this as a deduction on all the 2013 GMC Sierra’s that it is available for or do something different.

I’m not sure if I made the right choice but I opted for something different.  I figured that this is a great opportunity to create a landing page and advertise it as a separate special.  After all not all truck buyers are going to have a vehicle they are trading in.

Step 1 was to create the landing page.  I wanted to make it simple yet attractive, give details without hiding any facts, and make it fun.  Of course any landing page needs to be actionable so I included links into the new truck inventory.

The landing page can be viewed at: http://www.labadiegm.com/trade-in-bonus-cash-june2013

Step 2 was to create a banner on the home page that would entice website visitors to click into the page and find out more info.  So I created the following banner and placed it as the first image in the rotating banner on the sites home page.  I tried to make the text simple and easy to read.  I also included a person (with face showing) because images with people get better click-thru rates.  Banner on site is shown at top of this page.

I admit that this banner may be considered a little misleading.  There is nothing that mentions that the bonus cash is only available on GMC Sierra trucks.  My assumption was that it wouldn’t irritate the website visitors to much (and I hope that the assumption proves true).

Even though heat map studies of car dealers websites show that the rotating banners don’t get good click thru rates it will be interesting to see if this banner creates traffic.