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Landing Page Creation Informational

Experience Buick Protection picture

Each week I get an email from the company that handles the social media for the car dealerships I work for.  A lot of the links are not going to our dealerships website.  This is OK but a lot more of them should be.  In this weeks update I noticed that there was a link about the new Experience Buick Warranty & Protection Plan thank went to Buick’s website.  I thought that my department had created a landing page for this.  But after looking at the custom pages we had built on the Cobalt website, there wasn’t one.  The Experience Buick program is perfect website informational content that should have it’s own landing page.  So I got to work creating a new landing page.

I first created some graphics.  Even though they looked a lot like the ones on the Buick page we added some changes to the graphic and re-sized it so that it was unique to our page.  I then copied the text from the Buick page (the dealership is a franchise so it’s not copyright infringement to copy content) and changed it a bit to trying to make it unique.  I’m not sure if the text was changed enough for Google so I may consider putting a link back to the source.

The page was done and I realized that there was no call to action.  Because this is an informational page I wanted to make sure that the call to action didn’t take away from the visitors experience.  There is also the issue that this is a templated site which limits what can be done.  For this page I figured a simple link to Buick inventory was sufficient and included it at the bottom of the page.

This landing page is defiantly not optimized for conversion but I believe that visitors will appreciate the quality of information and lack of sales pitch.

Click Here to see the Experience Buick landing page created for Labadie Buick.

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