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Car Dealer Landing Pages Pay Off

More landing pages = more leads - Hubspot

Having gone to the 14th Digital Dealer Conference I needed to put the new found knowledge to work and show quick results.  Unfortunately, a lot of Internet marketing takes some time to happen.  Unless you want to throw big money at paid advertising that is.  So sorting through the notes from the conference one of the areas that seemed to be easy to implement, didn’t require a budget increase, and could show fast results was creating more landing pages.  (Note: I have an in-house marketing team so we don’t pay per page to some developer for landing pages.)

We had been blogging for years and with good results.  So what would differentiate a landing page from a blog post?  I figured that the blog posts would continue to highlight community and dealership events, vehicle details and features, and misc information about the people at the dealership.  Landing pages would contain an easy call to action and content about:  1. Manufacturers national and regional sales promotions, 2. Specific Parts and Service information pages,  3.  General new vehicle information.

May gave me the perfect opportunity to take advantage of a national sales promotion – Memorial Day.  GM had announced a sale for Buick and GMC.  So pages were created for both:

To get the search engines to index the pages faster I created a blog post on my personal WordPress blog and posted the links on the Labadie GM Google+ and Facebook pages.  Google picked up the link and indexed the page within 24 hours.

Note: We also created links on the home page with graphics on the home page rotator.  But for the purposes of online marketing benefits of landing pages going to ignore those internal website click statistics.

So the Memorial Day Sale is over and there has been enough time to get some good statistics.  So what did these two pages offer to the website?
Search Engine Organic Visits:  73
Number of website pageviews from these visits:  198
Number of VDP (vehicle detail page) views from these visits:  13

At one of the Digital Dealer sessions there was a statistic by that said an average landing page generates 50 hits.  When I look at the individual pages the GMC Memorial Day Sale page got 52 visits and the Buick Memorial Day Sale page got 21.  So the GMC page hit the average Buick was a little short.  But these pages aren’t going anywhere and should help with organic search every Memorial Day Sale to come!

Another statistic thrown out by Convertus was that companies with 30 or more landing pages get 7 times more traffic than those with only 10.  Right now my marketing team has built 20 landing pages and we are building 1-2 per week.  So I’ll have to report back how our traffic has increased.

* statistics were generated by Cobalt analytics data and only reported from May 2013 traffic.