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Adobe Muse and Schema

After signing up for the Adobe Creative Cloud I figured to get my moneys worth I would use more of the products.  One of the products that really interested me was Muse.  It appeared that I could make more visually stimulating sites easier.  To take baby steps the first site I decided to work on was simply a landing page.  I’ve modified this site a few times but wasn’t completely happy with it.  Looking at Muse I really liked the “tabbed panels” object and decided to get to work.  Not wanting to drastically alter the look of the site I copied the elements that were “above the fold” and cleaned up the look a bit.  Then I added the tabbed content area, uploaded the site and all appeared to be good.

Adobe Muse Insert HTMLThe next day I came into work and looked at my Google Webmaster Tools to make sure all was working.  I noticed that the structured data was no longer showing.  Oops I forgot to re-do the info on the site.  After a bit of playing around I wan’t finding any way to add the structured data to the Muse created page.  Finally I found a tutorial on inserting HTML into the page.  I created the html using the format and inserted into the page.  Now my the text didn’t look the way I wanted.  At this point there was not way to edit the format using Muse text editing.  I went back to reading the tutorial on inserting html.  It appears that when inserting html one is stuck with adding the css code by hand.  Not wanting to take the time to create something fancy I added some very basic inline css code.  Looking at the layout in the design and preview views in Muse some of the code didn’t render properly.  I changed it a few times and each time Muse appeared to be ignoring the line break </br> code.  Once uploaded the code formatted properly.  I could also see this as an issue for designers that don’t know code.

Adobe Muse Edit HTMLAdobe Muse Edit HTMLI though the point of Adobe Muse was to be able to create great looking sites without knowing code.  Perhaps in a future upgrade Adobe will add and object for  My suggestions for starters would be “Local Business” and “Product” objects.

Note:  When reading all the tutorials online the screen caps were all from a Mac.  These screen shots are from a PC.  I noticed that the menus are a little different.