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Quality Landing Page?


Going over my statistics for CPC advertising I have a few questions rolling around in my head.

  • Are the experts lying?
  • Am I reading my statistics wrong?
  • Is the automotive retail online customer so completely different than all other online shoppers?

Why these questions?  Because my CPC or search advertising analytics don’t match what the experts tell me.

How so?

When I create a search ad, let’s say for the Buick Regal, to improve my quality score I don’t land the customer into my home page but into my inventory.  Because after all if someone is searching for a Buick Regal and my ad says “click here for inventory” that is the logical place to send the internet surfer – right?  Experts tell me this is the case and Google rewards me with a higher quality relevance score and therefore a lower CPC rate.

What the …..?

So after a month of advertising I look at my Google Analytics to see what the CPC visitor flow is like on the website.  The visitors that have been delivered that “higher quality” landing page of vehicle results is showing a 78.6% drop off rate.  So I pay for the click and more than 3 in 4 visitors are immediately leaving the website.  That seems like a waste of money to me.

Then I look at the same ads that are not dropping the visitor into the inventory page but rather the homepage of the website.  These links are considered a low quality landing page for the visitors and I have to pay more per click.  Something interesting happens – my drop-off rate is only 31%.  So now 2 in 3 visitors are staying on my website.  Not only are they staying on my website but they are interacting more.  Doing more vehicle searches and looking at more individual product detail pages.

So am I reading the statistics wrong?  Did the people who were dropped into the vehicle results page call us?  Did they close the browser and drive to the store to buy their new car?  I doubt it.

What’s an online car seller to do?  I’m not sure.  I’d like to hear from the experts.  Please leave comments below – and be sure to let me know what company you work for to confirm you are actually an expert.