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Spam Triggers

Spam?Yesterday I was watching a webinar on best online marketing practices.  Every once and a while there is something that really confounds me.  The person giving the webinar mentioned that using an 800 number in your emails is a spam trigger.  I use toll-free numbers for everything.  My assumption is that customers like it because they don’t have to pay for a long distance call.

Perhaps my thinking about toll-free numbers is antiquated with so many people not having a land line and mostly calling from cell phones.  But a spam filter?  Really?  I realize that companies use toll-free numbers so it will mark your email as business related.  But I am very careful to make sure that the email marketing that the company I work for only sends email to people who have requested products or service from us.

After the webinar I wanted more proof.  A quick search from Google let me know that this is indeed fact.  With all the research I do on online marketing trends and best practices how did I miss this one?

So now it’s time to edit all of the company templates and remove the toll-free numbers.  What a pain but we’ll see if we get less reports of people not getting the email they requested – especially through gmail and yahoo mail.