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Synchronize External Hard Drives

I’ve been looking for a way to create a keep a backup of all my image files.  I’ve considered cloud storage and multi drive NAS with raid.  Both options were more money than I wanted to spend.  I have quite a few external hard drives that have pieces of stuff on each of them.  I figured I could move my family and archive stuff to the smaller hard drives and move all of my professional photography to the newer bigger hard drives.  But outside of installing a raid card in my computer I wasn’t really finding a good solution.

Until today!

synchronizing hard drive folders

Today I found a solution that works great – Create Synchronicity.  This is open source that I found on SonicForge.  Unlike a lot of stuff on Sonic Forge there is a bunch of documentation, but this software is so easy to setup and use it doesn’t need much documentation.  Plus since it is open source it is free.  Even though this software is free is to so good that I’m thinking of making a donation to keep the project going.  There’s no boatware or advertising.  It can also work as a stand alone program.  Plus with a little thought I can save my sync settings and even program them to run.

Once I get the hard drives synchronized I will read through the documentation to see if there is an FTP option.