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An Evening with David Birdsong

I spent last evening driving to Pontiac and back. There was a light snow and the drivers were being idiots. This is normal for the first real snow of the year, but it is annoying when you’re running a little bit late.

The reason for the trip was a model that I’ve been working with for about a year. I thought she might be ready to work with David Birdsong and he agreed to do a test shoot with her. The shoot went well. He must have liked her because the shoot lasted almost 2 hours.

Although Alisha only had about a dozen photo shoots worth of experience she is the type of model that takes every suggestion and works on it. I was proud to see that my training with Alisha (much of which David Birdsong had taught me) had worked. He gave her a few suggestions which I’m sure she will work on diligently.  Now we need to get her a Model Mayhem account and more experience with professional photographers who are experience working with up-coming models. Perhaps she will be ready to be a David Birdsong workshop model soon.

Female Model Alisha
One of the images from my first photo shoot with Alisha in December 2012.