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Defoe Shipbuilding History Website


Many many years ago I put together a small website with some history of the Defoe Shipbuilding Company.  A while back I realized that some of the links were broken and when I looked at the site is was horribly out of date.  I got the picture books from my dad and re-scanned in a bunch of the images that were on the site (plus a few new ones).  Once the scanning was done I hand coded a more modern and responsive website.  I still haven’t gotten around to updating all of the pages.

As the project is taking a lot of time away from other things I’ve been working on, such as my photography, the thought has crossed my mind more than once that I should probably just incorporate it into this WordPress driven site.  That way it can be kept up to date with less hassle and still have lots of features.  So soon you will see posts about the shipyard start to pop up as I move the content.  I’m hoping that this will also make it easier for people to respond and post messages.