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Funny What Triggers Memories

I have never really read or followed fan fiction. But this morning someone sent me a link to Who’s the Boss Fan Fiction.

I was never a fan of Who’s The Boss, but for a while my daughter was hooked on it (in re-runs, I’m not that old). The first paragraph paints a picture of an elderly Tony with deep wrinkles and gray hair. I kind of chuckled because Tony Danza (who played Tony Micelli) is in his early 60s now. So I figured I’d look up a recent picture. After a quick Google Image search he does have the graying hair but not the deepening wrinkles in his cheeks. If fact for 63ish he looks really good.

Image taken from IMDB
Image taken from IMDB

But back to the memories. When my daughter was watching the show I never really got into it. Not sure why but I always figured that it was because Tony Danza kind of got stuck in my head with two pivotal roles from my high school years. The first memory is from watching Taxi. I loved that show. Even though Danza’s character wasn’t my favorite it just seemed to be the persona of him that stuck with me.

The other image that comes to mind when I think of Tony is as Duke in The Hollywood Nights. This movie was one of the favorites with my core group of high school friends. This was the early hears of HBO and The Hollywood Nights was on a regular rotation. (Back then every movie in their catalog was on regular rotation, even worse that it is today.) That movie just made us laugh and we watched it over and over. It also inspired a lot of inside jokes that I’m sure they all would remember today. This being my 30 year High School Reunion perhaps I’ll throw out a few of the lines we used and inside jokes and see if it still gets chuckles.