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2015 Camry Webpage

For 2015 Toyota completely redesigned the Camry.  Labadie had just gotten their first one on the lot.  I was about to create some banner ads and upload them to Adwords when I realized that a landing page was never created.  So the gathering of information for the landing page begun.

Creating a landing page isn’t hard, I’ve been creating these things for (holy crap just realized) 20 years.  The problem is that the CMS (content management system) that the Toyota dealership uses is very limited.  There is so much information about any one vehicle and trying not to make a page that scrolls forever is difficult.  There is some basic information that car shoppers seem to want to know:  available colors, difference between trim levels, safety features and other/new cool features.

After giving it some thought I figured that a tabbed region would limit the length of the page and make the reading easier.  Problem was, I didn’t know if the CMS supported tabs.  I went through the css that I had previously downloaded and couldn’t find anything for a tabbed section.  Then realizing that the model research page had tabs, figured this was the place to look.  The code wasn’t hard to find using the Chrome inspector.  There was another css link on these pages.  Looking at the code of the custom content pages that had been created most recently there was no link to the style sheet.  I figured it could be new code and created a new custom page.  (Note:  This CMS does not allow editing of the page head only places some custom content in a pre-determined content wrapper in the body.)  Again looking at the source of the newly created custom page there was no link to the style sheet.  Crap!!!  This was about to get messy.

Previously when creating custom pages on this CMS inline css was used.  Recently I had read through their css and pulled out some goodies that we used often and cleaned up the code.  A tabbed section is really messy with inline css so I decided to inject the style in the middle of the code.  This may not be the recommended way to do it . . . but it works.  There were a few pieces of the css that didn’t work and I haven’t figured out why yet.  It took me two days to create a page that should have taken about two hours.  But it got done and now we have a template for the future.  (

Happy that the page was done I created a few banners then went into Adwords and created my display campaign.

2015 Toyota Camry banner ad