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Substance Abuse Counseling

substance-abuse-rehabilitationThere are many times in a parents life when they express how proud they are of their child(ren).  This year marks one of those milestones for this proud father.  Very soon I will be watching my daughter at Central Michigan University commencements.  This time round she will be getting her masters degree in counseling psychology with a specialty in substance abuse.

US News and World Report ranks Substance Abuse Counselor #18 in their “Best Health Care Jobs of 2015” report.  An article in The Princeton Review states that, “Substance abuse counseling is considered one of the most challenging areas of human/social services.” They go on to state the requirements to be a counselor.  I’m not sure when this article was written but the requirements are different in the state of Michigan.  The masters degree is required and only the starting point.  There are several state exams to pass as well as thousands of hours of experience.  Then once a licensed counselor there is continuing education.  So this may be the end of her official college life (unless she decides later to get a PhD) and the beginning of her working live, but it is definitely not the end of her education.

As my daughter was approaching her last semester I had found out about a new rehabilitation center that was opening a recovery center in Michigan.  Excited about this I had given her the information for My Life Recovery Centers and suggested she apply.  But within 2 weeks of trying to get her to apply to MyLifeRecovery she was offered a job at the clinic she had done her internship at.  So not even having graduated yet she already has a very good paying job.

I am a very proud father and you can be sure there will be pictures on this blog very soon from her graduation!

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