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Someone Stole My Car Image

red Scion xD customizedI was doing some research on a picture I had taken back in 2009.  The picture was of a customized Scion xD that was being used as a show car.  Being a person who doesn’t take good notes, I had no idea what model year the car was.  Going to Google image search I tried several variations of search terms and found nothing.  Then as a last ditch effort, did a search using Bing image search.  The red Scion xD showed up as image #4.  The picture looked familiar.  It was not the exact same image as the one I was re-editing for another website.  Clicking on the link directed me to a car dealers website (

I knew this was my image.  Flickr seemed to be the place to start, because I had been using it a lot back in 2009.  There was the image (  Same one that was on the Fort Wayne Scion website.  Crap, I said to myself, I must have put the image public domain.  But wait!  Clear as day on the Flickr page there it was . . . . Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial copyright notice.  So this website was breaking my copyright.  Not only didn’t they give me attribution but this was on a commercial website.

So what should I do?  Contact the website CMS provider and ask them to either give me credit or remove the car picture?  Contact the hosting company and have them pull down the page?

Naw, I’ll just call them out on this blog post.  Just because the Internet makes it easy to use peoples creative works doesn’t mean that anyone is free to do so.  I don’t mind people using my images on their websites (as long as they are not selling or making money off them) but give me credit.  Oh and a link back to my website would be nice too.