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VinSolutions Websites Forms 2

In my previous post about custom forms on VinSolutions websites I mentioned requesting a global css change that should fix the forms created by VinSolutions.

Problem is – VinSolutions offers several forms templates.  Fortunately each of these 6 templates are css driven.  With the previous update in place the forms with layout 3 & 4 are not lining up nicely.  Now the form shows between “Secondary Content” and “Footer” content.

form page screen shot

There is an easy fix for this.  Because a browser reads a pages markup/code from top to bottom we need to put some css information before the form section of the page code.

In my test I added the css code in the “Header” section.

When creating or editing the form:

  1. click on the [Header]
  2. Then click on “<>HTML”.  By default you should see
  3. While in the HTML view – go to the end of the text and hit return once or twice.
  4. Now enter the following css code
    .shortTitle div#customform {
    background-color: #ccc;
    padding: 15px;
    float: right;
    width: 34%;

IMPORTANT:  replace “shortTitle” (do not remove the . or the space after the word) with whatever appears in the input field for “Short Title”.

form builder screen shot

That’s it!  Easy right?

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