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About two years ago my son re-connected with an old acquaintance. After reconnecting my son found out that this (now) friend was working at his dads store that sells suits for men. Being from the Millennial Generation they, of course, started talking about websites and online business. The story that his friend told was all to familiar.

The story was of a small family owned business that had tried a few times to get an online store up and running.  They got ripped off by web developers who promised the world and never delivered.  Then when they tried to change to another developer found out that their business domain name was registered and owned by the old developer.  The cycle continues, they even try to develop something themselves and no luck.  The small local business then just kind of gives up and creates and advertising webpage and starts posting on Social Media.

Enter my son.  After years of soaking up my words of wisdom (more like over listening to things he didn’t really care about) he starts telling his friend that he knows how to do e-commerce and SEO.  Of course the local business family is skeptical and doesn’t want to shell out thousands of dollars for another promise of online sales.  Being an entrepreneur my son offers to do the work for free and take a percentage of all the online sales.  The offer is accepted and my son gets to work.

About 1 1/2 years ago they launched Maks Menswear.  It has been interesting to hear the usual ups and downs of trying to get a new website off and running.  Plus I’ve lent a hand here and there with SEO tips and some coding.  But the website is pretty much 100% the blood, sweat and tears of my son.

Now that is raking for some highly searched keywords the phone calls are getting fairly regular.  That motivation is enough to keep him going.  It will be interesting to see what happens when the cross the 2 year mark.  Hopefully he’ll be making enough to get his own apartment.