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VinSolutions Websites and Bootstrap Pt2


Scrap the information in my previous post (

Why?  After a quarterly review by the Toyota Digital Marketing team I found out some information that make the entire previous attempts to use Bootstrap worthless.

While I’ve been waiting 2 years for VinSolutions to actually release their 360 Websites that are responsive, we are stuck with a javascript redirect to a crappy mobile site.  One of the things that the Toyota Digital Marketing team slapped my hand about was the mobile website (go figure).  So I had some changes to make.

Withing the website management tool there is a button labeled, “Edit Mobile Website.”  Within this edit screen there is a tab labeled “Custom Content.”  But guess what . . . I can’t create any custom pages from this edit screen.  So I make a phone call to VinSolutions website support.  I figure I’ll have to code something up and send it to them, hope it works when uploaded, test, fix code, wash, rinse, and repeat.  But to my surprise I got a different answer.  Any custom page that I’ve already created can be a mobile version.  The solution was simple.  Where the desktop version of the url is the mobile url is

Excited I hung up the phone and typed the url into my browser for one of the beautiful special pages I had created . . . . and . . . . OMG!!!  It was a mess.  Because of the what that VinSolutions dynamically creates the mobile page, the elements js required for bootstrap (linked from maxcdn) were stripped from the html.

SHIT!  Back to the drawing board.

So I’m stuck with using whatever VinSolutions has available for js.  So a really outdated version of jquery.  No problem I can work with that.  But what about my css?  I don’t want them to dump a bunch of css into a file that I don’t have access to.  So thinking fast I created a sub-domain and put my custom css on the sub-domain and linked to it at the top of the area that I have access to edit.

And . . . . .

Worked like a charm!

So now I just have to copy the pieces of bootstrap that don’t require any js and put them into my own css file.  Guess that’s not a problem.  This also allowed me to change the colors to match the color scheme of the website.

Then after a little reflection a scary thought entered my mind.  Over the past few months I’ve had a ton of re-coding work because of moving the website from one cms to another.  Why not use the CDN created for the css file for all my images files too.  That way if the KORE360 (or whatever they call it) does go live – perhaps it won’t blow out all my custom coding.