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New Hope for Custom Design on VinSolutions Websites

After several months of attempting to make coupon pages look good on a Michigan Toyota dealership VinSolutions website a new and interesting solution has arrived!

I’m not exactly sure what search terms were put into Google but I got to w3schools w3.css page.  The samples looked promising.  After perusing their site for a while I noticed that this was pure css.  Because it is pure css it occurred to me that part of the issue I was having with trying to integrate bootstrap into the VinSolutions website platform was that the mobile redirection would strip out the JavaScript links and code.  Upon further inspection the realization hit that all of the classes started with w3-.  Because of this there should be no css class clash.

Excitedly I started coding a test coupon page using the w3 cards class.  Running a few tests mixing a hybrid of the standard VinSolutions css container code with the w3.css code everything looked good.  The real test was making a live page and testing it on mobile.

toyota parts coupons
Test from desktop version of coupon page.
mobile site screen shot
Screen shot from mobile. Note: I has to scroll down a bit to show coupon detail.

The w3.css code worked perfectly on the website (well almost – you’ll have to read about that on a future blog post).  This appears to the the solution I was looking for!

I wondered why I had never seen the w3.css before but couldn’t find a start date on their website.  The earliest mention that a Google search produced was a reddit from May 8, 2015.  This post mostly was bashing w3 and mentioned that some of the code doesn’t work right.  Well 5 months after this w3 bashing post the code appears to work and is a life saver for my team that creates custom pages for VinSolutions dealer website platform.