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Playing with Bootstrap

silver scion frs
Is this blog post an excuse to show off my new car? Perhaps!

One thing I love about being involved in Internet Marketing is that it changes quickly and there is always something to learn.  And lately I’ve been learning a lot about Bootstrap.

Why Bootstrap?  I can relate to the saying that programmers are lazy.  Well not really lazy but why re-create something that is unnecessary.  As I was learning advanced CSS techniques my box method for design kept running into walls.  This was especially true when working with some very outdated CMS designs used by the automotive industry for dealership websites.  (You can read about my trials with this in past posts.)  All my searching for a nice responsive design framework kept leading to 2 main contenders; Bootstrap and Foundation.  I found Bootstrap to be a little easier to just pick-up and run with.  So that’s really the main reason I chose it.  Lately I’ve been thinking about trying Foundation and seeing what the differences are.  Perhaps I’ll blog about that at a later date.

Having said all that . . . . I have some very old content on some essentially un-updated websites around the Net.  I figured with my new found love of Bootstrap it was time to give these sites some new life.  Just playing around with some very basic coding I redesigned an information page about Scion cars.  Why Scion?  I currently am driving a Scion FR-S so I’m kind of a Scion fan boy.  It’s not the most beautiful page, but does it really need to be?  A page is effective if it is easy to read, works on all platforms and is easy to navigate.  Want to check it out?  Visit

I’ll probably customize the css soon to make the color scheme more to my liking.  But for now it works and has a more modern look than the previous page that was 100% custom css.