No Poopy Data

I’ve been working at a technology company for a year now.  I knew that the data in the automotive industry was bad when I worked at a dealer group, but know I’m just frustrated at how bad the data really is.

One of the projects I’ve been working on the past year is a reporting system for car dealers.  The old saying is more true than I ever realized, “garbage in, garbage out.”  And we are dealing with billion dollar companies!

My reporting system should be done by now.  But I’m still dealing with poopy data.  And it seams that every DMS (dealer management system) has it’s own level of poop.  Some of this data is so old-school I’d swear the programs were written 30 years ago and never updated.  But that probably isn’t far from the truth.

I’ve quickly become good at manipulating poopy data.  I should probably blog about it here . . . but I noticed that a domain was available.

Coming soon!