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Professional Business Portrait

There are just some articles that you come across on the Internet that are so good you have to share them.  I was reading one of thoes articles today.  The article is posting on  I am going to put some excerpts here. If a newspaper or magazine reporter called you today for an interview, would you have a good-quality photo that you offer? Most people don’t. I surf the Internet at least once a week, looking for articles for The Publicity Hound, my subscription newsletter on how to generate free publicity. When I find an article my readers would…

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The Full Monty

I just started my second season as the photographer for the Saginaw Pit and Balcony theatre.  The first play/musical for the 2009-2010 season was The Full Monty. Having never seen the movie or read the book I wasn’t completely sure what to expect.  I did have an idea of what the story line was though so I wasn’t going in blind. Once again the stage set was phenomenal.  The musical was very well done and my wife said it was funnier than the movie.  I have enjoyed doing photography at the Pit and Balcony for the past year and look…

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Old Contact Made it Big!

There are times in your life when one thing leads to another and someone with whom you’ve dealt with comes to the forefront again.  This happened again to me recently.  Many years ago I was the general manager of a magazine distribution company in Austin, TX.  When I took over the possition it was part of my job to find hot new magazines for distribution.  I happened across this great funny magazine geared toward 20 year olds (they weren’t called Gen-X at this point) called Might Magazine.  That was a long time ago.  One of the things I remember is…

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Corset Tank Tops

Last night my wife and I spent some time re-arranging her store, A Girly Girl Boutique.  She had just gotten a shipment of corset tank tops and leggins in and we needed to get out a display table that we haven’t used since last fall. The shipment had just come in and we didn’t have time to arrange any models to come in for a photoshoot.  So the pictures are not the best. Now I’m not an expert on woman’s clothing (I am learning) but these seem like a great fall item.  I’m thinking that they would look great under a…

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Sammy Gets a Blog!

I’ve been working with Sammy Coleman to get some online marketing going.  The second step in the process was to setup a blog.  Step #1 was to setup social media and Sammy was already using Facebook so that was covered.  For the blog we decided on WordPress because of the ease of use and functionality.  Sammy didn’t want to mess with his own domain yet so he is hosting on a wordpress subdomain: Two posts down and a lot more to go.  Google hasn’t hit the site yet and we want to have some more content before it does…

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Michigan Galaxy Update

I was speaking with the director of Michigan Galaxy Pageants and she wanted to change the way the navigation is on the website.  After a little brain-storming session we figured out how the new navigation should look and the order that we wanted it in. After creating the content for the new pages, Debra emailed me the changes and within 2 hours the new navigation and pages were in place. Website navigation is huge!  Most visitors to a website want to get to the information they are looking for within 2 clicks.  Research has shown that visitors will start leaving…

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Labadie Banner Ads

I work on the websites for Labadie Auto Company in Bay City Michigan.  A few of the domains that I administer are;,,,, and  There are others but these are the main domains. The Labadie’s signed up to be part of a new email campaign and they needed some banner ads.  I haven’t done banner ads for Labadie in a few years so I had to start from scratch.  I remembered reading an article on a marketing blog recently about a great way to find what works.  I can’t remember the blog or I would promote…

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Richard Pryor Jr in Saginaw

If you read my previous posts this past weekend was crazy.  We had one more event for the weekend and we almost canceled it.  Richard Pryor Jr was performing at the Hancock Theatre in Old Town Saginaw.  We had said we were going to go but hadn’t been able to all weekend.  Sunday night was the only night we had free and we both though that we should really spend the night relaxing.  A last minute phone call as I was driving back to Saginaw from South lyon determined that we were going to go to the show. After the…

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Cake Fight

After working the Fashion in Detroit on Friday it was off to Clio, MI on Saturday for a wedding at Crystal Gardens.  The day was cold and rainy but the wedding was beautiful and the bride and groom were a pleasure to work with.  This day I was working as a photographer for Mid-Michigan Wedding Photographers out of Saginaw, MI. The bride and groom went all out with the feeding of the wedding cake to each other – FANTASTIC!