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Combining Column Data in jQuery DataTables

The app I’m developing is for car dealerships. It was suggested that the dealership inventory display in the app. Being a web developer I figured this is easy. Having used jQuery DataTables in the past this seemed like a good tool to use for displaying the inventory list. It proved to be a little more difficult than I expected.

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VinSolutions Websites and Bootstrap

Today I had either an ah ha or a duh moment. Why not use Bootstrap? Then if/when there is a change in the future everything will just copy and paste over nicely. And (hopefully) when they finally release their 360 platform, the code should be responsive and just work.

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VinSolutions Websites Forms 2

In my previous post about custom forms on VinSolutions websites I mentioned requesting a global css change that should fix the forms created by VinSolutions. Problem is – VinSolutions offers several forms templates.  Fortunately each of these 6 templates are css driven.  With the previous update in place the forms with layout 3 & 4 are not lining up nicely.  Now the form shows between “Secondary Content” and “Footer” content. There is an easy fix for this.  Because a browser reads a pages markup/code from top to bottom we need to put some css information before the form section of the page code. In my…