Automotive SEO Content

stop keyword stuffing

Automotive SEO content provided by the industry CMS providers has bothered me for years.  It because especially bothersome this year when the company I work for changed the CMS for 2 websites.  So I was happy to get an email letting me know about a recent short little article – 5 Ways SEO Writing is Backfiring […]

VinSolutions Websites Forms 2

form page screen shot

In my previous post about custom forms on VinSolutions websites I mentioned requesting a global css change that should fix the forms created by VinSolutions. Problem is – VinSolutions offers several forms templates.  Fortunately each of these 6 templates are css driven.  With the previous update in place the forms with layout 3 & 4 are not lining up […]

VinSolutions Websites Forms 1

form-test-01 screen shot

Just over a month ago the company I work for switched a few of our websites to VinSolutions.  As with any CMS there is a learning curve.  I downloaded their CSS files and attempted to figure out if they were using any kind of standard.  There were a bunch of css files and they all […]