Defoenet Blog

Previously was a WordPress blog/website. Since I have been working almost exclusivly with Laravel for the past 4 years, I have converted this site to use Laravel.

I am no longer going to have a blog on my site. Plus I hadn't really posted anything for 2 years.

Instead of a blog there will be two new areas of the site: Thoughts and Articles.

Thoughts will be short text and links about just that, thoughts. It will be a timeline of whatever I want, but probably mostly notes.

What used to the be blog will now be articles. This will be longer information pieces mostly about tech and programming with code snippets. This is where some of the current blog content will be moved.

I am not going to 401 all the previous links so this site will probably take a SEO hit.

Hopefully the content will be better going forward and someone besides me will find some useful information here!

Updated 4/1/2020