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API Server

As the company was brancing out it's software developement to use a micro-service driven concept an API system was needed for consistancy and single point of interaction with the data.

I designed the initial system using Laravel. A custom login was written using the authentication from the company CRM. A permission system was incorporated where APIs could be assigned to any CRM user for the company. A secondary authentication system was put in place for external/vendor access to APIs. The user setup had it's own interface and the permission system (written as middleware) worked for any user, internal or external. Only internal CRM users with the proper permissions were allowed to assign, renew or revoce API keys.

A documentation system was put in place with templates for use when documenting new APIs.

After the initial design and first few dozen APIs were in place this project was re-assinged to another developer.

  • Client

    Newtech Dealer Services

  • Developed using:

    Laravel, PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL, Couchbase

  • Inital Build