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Sales Commissioning System

The insurance companies do not electroically submit their statments into a website. Each statement was being manually entered into a spreadsheet and then at the end of each month manually calculated.

I researched the data need, built a database with MySQL and an interface for the support staff to enter the statements. Then working with the company VP, figured out how the commission statments were calculated. Added the logic to the software using functional PHP.

One year later the company put a new CRM (Espo CRM) in place for the company. I then added the needed functionality to get the data from the CRM into the commissioning system to add more features and reports. I also developed a login system hooking into the CRM authentication so that sales people and managers were able to log into the commission system and view the reports based on job title/level.

After building out the system it was passed on to another developer to continue to add features and maintain.

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    Newtech Dealer Services

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