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Automotive Dealership Inventory Management SAS

Inventory management solution designed to be either a stand-alone product or an add-on to ProcessPro CRM. Inventory is imported a minimum of once per day from a dealerships accounting system. It is then sweetened from various data sources. The user has the ability to modify any of the data using suggestions from data collected from many sources. They also have the ability to manage the inventory images. All of this data is compiled and exported to multiple sources a minimum of once per day. There are also analytic tools used for evaluating competitive inventory for sale in the dealership market area as well as tools to help properly price and value inventory. Numerous reports are available with statistics to show how well the dealer is marketing their vehicles with quick editing functions within most reports.

  • Client

    Newtech Dealer Services

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  • Developed using:

    PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Laravel, VueJS, MDBootstrap, MySQL, Couchbase

  • Inital Build
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    PHP, HTML, CSS, Laravel, Vue.js, React, MySQL, Couchbase