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Mobile App Backend System

To facilitate the data needed to drive the mobile app it was necessary to create a series of APIs for the mobile app to consume. Before I developed an API system for Newtech I had to develop a specific backend system for the mobile app.

To facilitate the reality that some people may have slow cellular connection data speeds and data plans can be limited and expensive, the backend was written to condense the data into small, specific units. Care was taken to not only limit the amount of data passsed but to do any conversions and calculations on the server side before delivering the data to the mobile app.

Becuase the data needed for the mobile app was in multiple databases across multiple locations, I had to work with the database administrator to design a system that would get the needed data from the SQL Servers into a common and consistant data pool. There was a lot of coordination of data before one line of code could be written to consume and transform the data for the mobile app.

Originally the backend system was written in functional PHP and then converted to Laravel.

  • Client

    Newtech Dealer Services

  • Developed using:

    PHP, MySQL, Couchbase, Laravel

  • Inital Build
  • Laravel Re-build